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Women’s Health | Fertility | Gynecology | Stress & Burnout | Digestion | Skin Health

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2024 Pricing

Pricing was most recently updated in February 2024

Fertilty & Pregnancy Clinic

Natural & IUI/IVF fertiity support for men and women. Pregnancy & Postpartum care. Ultrasound monitoring.

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Women’s Health & Men’s Health

General Care for all life stages - Gynecology, Hormones, Menopause, Digestion, Mood, Stress & Burnout, Skin.

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Paediatric Care

Proactive pediatic care (feeding & digestion, skin, immune & allergies, skin), well-child check ups, PANDAS/PANS/AE, ASD/ADHD.

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Naturopathic Walk In Clinic & Acute Care

Brief initial consultation for one acute health concern (i.e. sore throat, cough, cold, flu, ear infection and urinary tract infection (UTI). Only available to new patients.

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Pap tests (cervical cancer screening), HPV testing and breast exams.

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IUD Clinic

Non-hormonal (Copper) and Hormonal IUD (Mirena & Kyleena) insertions, removals, replacements, and placement checks.

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Skin Health, Aesthetics & LED Light Therapy

Holistic skin assessments, aesthetic medicine, neuromodulator & dermal filler, facial rejevenation acupuncture, gua sha facials, LED light therapy for acne, fine lines and wrinkles

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IV Nutrient Therapy, IV Iron Insufions & IM Injections

IV nutrient therapy, IV Iron Infusions & IM injections to correct nutrient deficiencies, optimize antioxidant status and enhance your strategic care plan.

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Acupuncture visits are offered by Naturopathic Doctors and billed to insurance under Naturopathic Medicine

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Clinical Counselling

Learn strategies to navigate, process and cope with the challenges of infertility, fertility treatments, pregnancy, perinatal mental health and grief.

All Registered Clinical Counselling sessions are offered virtually through video call.

LHC - Clinical Counselling.png

Holistic Nutrition

Learn to make conscious nutrition and lifestyle changes to achieve sustainable results and optimize your health and well-being.

All Holistic Nutrition sessions are offered virtually through video calls.

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